Bespoke Card Payment Solutions

At SensePay we understand that one size doesn't fit all which is why we can provide "Tailor Made" card processing and card terminal solutions for any business where an "off the shelf" solution doesn't suit the nature of their card payment requirements.

We believe going the extra mile for our customers is key to the future success of their business, its reputation and profitability. We work closely with clients to ensure that an effective solution can be achieved. Taking time to fully understand our customers' requirements, we are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for any business.

With the continued evolution of card payment technology, SensePay understand that your customer expectations also evolve. They want quick and convenient ways to pay by card that remain secure and which they have confidence in using.

For larger businesses, a stand alone card terminal solution is rarely sufficient which is why our bespoke service allows us to manipulate the products and services we offer to suit any business requirement.

We are able to provide either a stand alone merchant account card processing service or card terminal hardware supply solution which ensures you are not restricted in how you can facilitate your payment strategy.

SensePay aim to continue to bring our customers a compelling combination of terminal reliability, unrivalled connectivity and security, service and value for money. Our card terminal offering provides a complete solution which is ready to use from the point of delivery.

Some examples of this include enabling The AA to log jobs on their terminals so the transactions can be linked to the specific call out. Liverpool Football Club struggled to take transactions on match days due to the increased mobile network usage in a confined area. Our unique dual connectivity mobile card machine technology which connects to either GSM or GPRS enables users to continue taking card payments even in the busiest and remotest locations.

Contact our corporate team direct to discuss your requirements in further detail on 020 8935 5512 or contact HERE.

Bespoke Solutions

  • Trusted partner to hundreds of Corporate Clients
  • A proven card terminal roll-out track record
  • Terminals delivered pre-configured
  • Terminals quality checked in-house
  • Plug & Play solution means no set-up required
  • Proven Corporate customer support track record
  • Guaranteed 24-hour terminal replacement service
  • Dedicated 'full service & support help desk'
  • Out-of-hours 365 days a year support
  • Dedicated account managers
  • On-going maintenance of card machines
  • Provision of short term terminal rentals