About SensePay

SensePay was established in 2004 and since then many thousands of businesses have chosen us for their payment needs. The reason for this is simple; our customers understand that service really does matter at SensePay.

We believe going the extra mile for our customers is key to the on-going success of our business. This is why blue-chip companies such as the AA, Virgin Trains and WeightWatchers have chosen us for their card payment needs.

It is also the main reason why major trade associations such as the National Market Traders Federation have chosen us to add value to the benefits their members receive. We provide out-of-hours UK-based support with 95% of all technical calls resolved in less than two minutes. Our solutions include mobile GPRS/GSM card machines, portable Bluetooth card machines and fixed line countertop card machines. We also offer contactless 'wave & pay' card machines as standard.


Our card terminals have been rigorously tested and accredited by all major UK banks accepting all major credit and debit cards. We also supply e-commerce products that allow our customers to take their businesses online and integrated EPOS and cash registers for the hospitality and retail sectors.

We also have our own in-house merchant services team and work with all the major UK Banks. We pride ourselves in the fact that 75% of all merchant accounts are opened within two days. SensePay is also officially licensed by MasterCard and Visa and are fully PCI DSS compliant and certified.

Card Processing Benefits

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The perfect card payment solution for your business needs

Our aim is to be recognised as an ethical and forward-thinking company, driven by a highly-experienced team of people, expert in flexible and adaptable payment solutions.

Our core value is to always provide an outstanding level of care and support that inspires our customers with confidence.

David Maisey, Managing Director of SensePay